Publication date: 17/05/2023
On April 21, 2023, SmartwayZ.NL initiated a test with wildlife detection along the N69 as part of the Talking Traffic partnership. The project aims to increase traffic safety and reduce the number of collisions with crossing animals. To achieve this, the approach is to provide warnings to drivers through the Waze navigation app, in addition to the dynamic signs already present along the road. If the test is successful, the technology can be expanded to other locations and navigation apps.

In-car notifications

The test will run for 3 to 6 months, partly utilizing existing technology. Since 2011, Prowild's wildlife detection system has been able to identify animals about to cross the road and activates the signaling signs next to the road. This had already prevented more than 1,600 accidents. Now, we are taking it a step further: the notifications will be delivered to the driver inside the vehicle through the Waze navigation app. The in-car notification does not replace the signs along the road but serves as an additional warning, enabling road users to react more quickly and adjust their speed. This builds upon the technology already used in applications such as tire pressure monitoring systems for freight traffic.


From detection to phone

During the test, the entire required chain will be tested. Once a sensor detects approaching wildlife, a notification is sent to the signaling signs along the road. At the same time, a message is also sent to the apps of drivers currently in the area. This message is transmitted through the Talking Traffic chain. The app then displays a warning notification for crossing wildlife. This connection is established through various parties. SmartwayZ.NL collaborates with Monotch, Prowild, MAPtm, Yunex Traffic, Tripservice, the Province of North Brabant and Royal HaskoningDHV in this project.


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