Publication date: 24/02/2022
In recent years, self-driving electric shuttle buses have been tested in various locations. This happenend within the EU project FABULOS. Also in Helmond. Sensors help te bus to drive safely through traffic. With a little human guidance. But what's the problem? The bus stops at every obstacle, so even for a harmless, low hanging branch. The Dutch follow up project FABULOS AI helps the shuttle bus become smarter in a simulation environment using hybrid artificial intelligence. The bus can decide for itself whether it can continue or not.
Schermafbeelding 2022 02 24 Om 09.34.20

The bus's software is fed not only with data, but also with all kinds of knowledge of the environment. As a result, the bus learns faster to make a good decision in a safe way. In the simulation, the bus can now distinguish a low-hanging branch from a pedestrian. And is it approaching a school? Then it slows down only when it really has to.

Within a few years, FABULOS AI software could help make fully self-driving transportation possible. This spring, we will further explain the results. Watch the animation video of the project now.

FABULOS AI is a collaboration of Brainport Development, SmartwayZ.NL, Municipality of Helmond, TNO and AI in Motion.