Publication date: 02/11/2021
More and more, drivers are using apps to reach their destination quickly and easily/comfortably. As a result, service providers have significant impact on traffic flows. Because they do not have the same information as road authorities, cut-through traffic on undesirable or unsafe routes increases. By working together, road authorities and service providers can increase road safety and improve traffic flow.
Foto de animatie Slim Sturen

Road authorities work according to a map, which indicates where traffic is or is not desirable. Minimizing traffic at schools for example. By extending the green time at traffic lights, road authorities are able to make alternative routes more attractive. Moreover, by adding explanations to the road authority's choices, the navigation apps are able to indicate why they are recommending certain routes to road users.

It has been a source of annoyance for years: navigation systems that direct traffic over shortcuts and causeways: this is a pain for road authorities and results in unsafe roads. You can either confront the navigation software developers (service providers) on this case, but you will achieve more if you help them by providing correct data. The SmartwayZ.NL program has therefore initiated the project Slim Sturen (Smart Steering: Directing traffic in a smart way), in which policy information on the road network is shared with service providers. The project has already received wide support in the Netherlands.