Publication date: 20/03/2018
AMSTERDAM – During the first day of the Intertraffic trade fair in the RAI Amsterdam on 20 March, Christophe van der Maat, the representative for Mobility and Cooperation in North Brabant, announced under the audience’s watchful eye that six market parties have concluded letters of intent with MobilitymoveZ.NL. The parties have each submitted an innovative mobility proposal. These letters of intent specify how they will spend a period of three months consulting with the authorities in order to further detail and develop their test proposals.
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After an extensive process, MobilitymoveZ.NL is now starting on the next phase with the following partners: Beamrz, Buurauto-Noom, Get Hooked, Mobility Concept, Sweco, and Vetuda. The innovative concepts are varied, ranging from car-sharing concepts to on-demand automated shuttles and innovative concepts for traffic management. The six parties will be able to use MobilitymoveZ.NL’s facilities in the future, including an experimental environment with dispensations and permits. They will also be appointed a single point of contact on behalf of all the MobilitymoveZ.NL authorities involved. 


MobilitymoveZ.NL has spent the past several months actively searching for tenderers and developers of innovative mobility concepts based on ‘connected automated driving’ (CAD) combined with ‘on-demand services’ and ‘electric vehicles’ (EV). A total of eighteen proposals were submitted in December and January. There are more parties in addition to these six with which partnerships are in the works. Based on a more detailed discussion or adapted proposal, the decision to conclude letters of intent with these other parties may also be made. 


MobilitymoveZ.NL is a part of the SmartwayZ.NL programme, in which the authorities cooperate with market and knowledge parties to create better accessibility in the Southern Netherlands. MobilitymoveZ.NL’s ambition is to test automated driving there within four years, at a large scale, in urban regions, with actual users.