Publication date: 14/09/2017
The Dutch testing environment, MobilitymoveZ.NL, posted a request for registering interest on TenderNet and TED, platforms for (European) tenders, on 11 July 2017. MobilitymoveZ.NL’s ambition is – in cooperation with national and international market parties – to facilitate the testing of new, innovative mobility solutions. These must be ready to implement at a large scale within four years. This includes for example ‘level 4 autonomous driving’ in urban regions or on-demand services and electric vehicles. Since its posting, 44 parties have indicated their interest.
Sfeerfoto van Eindhoven en het Phillipsgebouw tijdens het event GLOW

The parties that have registered include members of the automotive industry, suppliers (Tier One Suppliers), data and data communication specialists, public transport companies and members of the traffic industry. They are all interested in a form of cooperation with the large-scale testing environment.

Next phase

Discussions with stakeholders will be launched around mid-October. The actual start of the first round of testing of the mobility solutions is planned for early next year.

In the following years, various new mobility solutions will be tested on the public roads – city, provincial, and motorways – based on the ‘learn by doing’ principle. At the end of the testing period for every individual solution, it must be clear what does and does not work, to adjust if necessary in order to roll out the solution at a larger scale. Because that is the ultimate goal: the domestic, and even international, roll-out of new mobility solutions, which can make a positive contribution to improving traffic flow, safety, and liveability, particularly in urban environments.