Traffic management

In 2018, the current traffic management system will be optimised. On the one hand, this will be done thanks to the integration of the system with connected and cooperative driving. On the other hand, drivers will receive improved communications. From now on, drivers will be provided with collective and individual travel information, which they will receive before, during and after their trip.

This year, five projects will contribute to the optimisation of the current traffic management system. All of them - in line with the objectives of SmartwayZ.NL - will ensure improved accessibility to the city and the region. The cooperation between the various road authorities will also be consolidated thanks to these projects:


Cooperation with the Services Traffic Centre

The traffic controllers and operational traffic experts from the Zuid-Nederland Traffic Control Centre monitor the traffic situation on the main and secondary road network in Brabant in real-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Where necessary, they intervene by making use of various traffic control scenarios: these are protocols that ensure traffic is provided with better guidance in the event of, for example, roadworks or accidents. This can result in traffic jams being cleared faster, or even preventing them in the first place.


Technical Chain Management Network Management Systems

Thanks to the link with urban network management systems, the Traffic Control Centre can manage traffic control scenarios on the urban road network. The technical management focuses on maintaining the technical infrastructure that is part of the chain to deploy regional control scenarios.


Regional Traffic Teams

The goal of the Regional Traffic Teams is to jointly tackle regional bottlenecks. The duties of the Regional Traffic Teams include planning, reporting, and coordinating roadworks and events to maintain optimal traffic flow. The preparation, execution, management and evaluation of traffic control scenarios is also part of their tasks, as is looking back on incidents. The Regional Traffic Teams contribute to good process management, improved quality of life in cities, and better flow on transitory routes.


Cooperation with the Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre provides support by monitoring the effects of the measures on the street. The Innovation Centre can also be the eyes and ears during the testing of ITS applications on motorways, as well as the provincial and urban highway network. The Innovation Centre is very useful as a real-life learning environment. In line with the objectives of SmartwayZ.NL, cooperation with the Innovation Centre stimulates innovation and builds on the current traffic management system, with the result being connected and cooperative driving and better travel information for drivers.


Partnership with Talking Traffic

The partnership with Talking Traffic ensures more up-to-date and reliable travel advice is available to drivers. The advice is tailored to their local situation. This improves traffic flow, road safety and quality of life on motorways and the surrounding area. New developments in the communication between the systems found in vehicles and traffic control systems contribute to this.



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