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It is becoming increasingly congested on the roads in the Southern Netherlands. Various infrastructure and mobility projects are planned in the coming years, which aim to improve the accessibility in the Southern Netherlands. Many stakeholders, projects and programmes are currently contributing to developments towards an integral, reliable and future-proof mobility system in the Southern Netherlands.

Towards a wide range of proven mobility and transport services

Besides physical (infrastructural) measures, the ambition is also to focus as much as possible on smart mobility and mobility services.  Mobility Market helps to scale up and extend a wide range of mobility services to suit the needs of passengers in the Southern Netherlands.

With a strongly growing economy, changes in mobility demand in both urban and rural areas, large employers as possible catalysts, diverse infrastructural efforts, the development of the MaaS ecosystem Eindhoven and the new Vision on Public Transport in the province of North Brabant ‘Vision on shared Mobility’, it is now the perfect time to scale up smart mobility services. However, this also means that travellers must be offered a sufficient integral range of proven mobility services and solutions so that they have the opportunity and choice to travel differently or smartly as well.

The Mobility Market focusses on the upscaling and extending the range of effective and demand-oriented mobility and transport services. Besides contributing to the accessibility and optimal traffic flows for the sub-projects related to SmartwayZ.NL, we also wish to support other social goals such as:


  1. Stimulate large-scale use of innovative mobility services
  2. Encourage smart structural travel behaviour
  3. Promote clean mobility
  4. Improve traffic safety
  5. Improve the liveability in cities and villages


In doing so, the ambition is ‘to grow towards seamless mobility with maximum freedom of choice for travellers’.


Participation in sub-projects SmartwayZ.NL

The development strategy for the Mobility Market is an ‘interlocking’ one. This means that the smart mobility and mobility services development steps are interlinked as much as possible via the underlying infrastructure projects within the SmartwayZ.NL programme. However this involves working more and more intensively with non SmartwayZ.NL projects and programmes as long as they contribute to an integral, reliable and future-proof mobility system in the Southern Netherlands. In this way we can apply and disseminate learnings and best practices from ongoing projects and programmes or use them elsewhere in a new projects in other area’s.

In the period 2018-2026 we expect to continue building these links in the following SmartwayZ.NL projects:

  • 2018 - 2020: project A2 Weert – Eindhoven
  • 2019 - 2021: project N279 Veghel – Asten
  • 2019 onwards: Other SmartwayZ.NL and Non- SmartwayZ.NL projects in the Southern Netherlands


Kick off: A2 Weert-Eindhoven project

The first steps have been taken in the region around the project A2 Weert – Eindhoven. This is where ‘Smart Trip!’ (‘Slimme Reis!’ in Dutch) kicked off in August 2018, a campaign for a mobility service that rewards travellers in the A2 area between Weert and Eindhoven for making less use of their cars. By using different modes of transportation like bicycles or public transport, working from home more often, or travelling after 7 p.m. The aim of the smart mobility measures is to con tribute to thethe accessibility and traffic flows, improve the active use of mobility services and to reduce the CO2 emission on and around the A2 between Weert and Eindhoven. SmartwayZ.NL’s public financial contribution to this project will continue until March 2021. See this link for more information.


Next step: contribute to the challenges of the N279 project with mobility services

Having contracted mobility services in the region between the A2 Weert -Eindhoven we are now taking the next step on and in the area of the Provincial road N279 project between Veghel and Asten. Significant changes are planned to the infrastructure on the N279 in the period 2020-2023. We will seize this as the perfect opportunity to encourage travellers to travel differently and smarter. On the one hand by contributing to the accessibility, traffic flows, safety and liveability on and in the area of the N279 before, during and after the completion of the N279 road works in 2020-2023. On the other hand to contribute to the next step in the growth of the supply of proven mobility and alternative travel services. These services should be optimally aligned with the demand and needs of travellers in the area around the N279 and later also throughout the rest of the Southern Netherlands.

Find out more about these plans? Click here.


Next step: contribute to other projects in the Southern Netherlands with mobility services

As from 2019 onwards we wish to continue scaling up the range of effective and demand-oriented mobility and transport services in the Southern Netherlands. This involves working more intensively with interlinking national and regional projects and programmes, all of which contribute to an integral, reliable and future-proof mobility system in the Southern Netherlands. We wish to involve our partners and the end-users even more intensively with these developments.

We will keep you informed on our plans on this website as well via other channels.


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