Smart Mobility

The South Netherlands’ economy is doing well. That’s good news, but such growth also affects mobility. The roads are becoming increasingly congested. We are working on new, smart solutions in order for our region to remain accessible and attractive. Our ambition is to realise the smartest road system in Europe, since the solution lies beyond simply adding asphalt or traditional public transport.

Considerable attention is being paid to smart mobility solutions, such as self-driving vehicles, co-usage systems and the efficient use of logistic flows. Under the programme SmartwayZ.NL we are focused on testing these solutions and putting them into practice on a wider scale.

Smart Mobility is one of eight sub-projects at SmartwayZ.NL, as well as being the link between all these sub-projects.


Focus on both testing and rolling out

We are supporting companies as they test and roll out Smart Mobility solutions on a larger scale. Our focus lies on Cooperative Autonomous Driving (CAD), Smart Logistics and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and Traffic Management.

Companies can cooperate with us in different phases

The Mobility Lab allows start-ups to test their prototypes in practice. MobilitymoveZ.NL makes it possible to test mobility concepts at a more advanced stage in a real environment, with real users. Via Mobility Market, concepts that have effectively demonstrated their worth can be scaled up. In addition, logistics companies can participate in the Smart Logistics project.


Information for travellers

Our mobility is changing rapidly. It may just be that in ten or twenty years’ time we can board a self-driving bus or car, that we combine this with an e-bike and that we have one single mobility subscription. And who knows, maybe our parcels will be delivered by drone.

In the South Netherlands district we are working on these Smart Mobility developments. Under SmartwayZ.NL authorities, companies and knowledge institutions work with you on improving the accessibility of our region. Want to be involved, share your thoughts or test out Smart Mobility? Then go to the enrolment page. 

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