South-east Brabant Accessibility Agreement

The south-east Brabant Accessibility Agreement describes a number of starting points and related measures for creating a future-proof mobility system for the Eindhoven-Veghel-Asten triangle. An integrated mobility approach is used to target Smart Mobility and co-modality (making use of different forms of transport).

Various different methods of transport will be used side by side and in combination with one another in south-east Brabant's future mobility system, thus creating a balance between individual accessibility and social interests. This will be achieved by realising a scale jump for bicycles and public transport and intermodal traffic junctions (possibilities for changing from one means of transport to another) and by persuading motorists to use the trunk road network (A2, A67 and N279). If this is not possible, motor traffic will be grouped on roads dedicated to it, with a good balance between the quality of the environment and the flow.

New and proven methods in the field of smart technologies in mobility and smart organisation of mobility will be used to make the mobility system future proof. South-east Brabant is committed to becoming the focal point of the European region for developing, testing, implementing and marketing new mobility concepts and services.

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Ron Nohlmans

Ron Nohlmans



June 2016

The signing of the Accessibility Agreement

13 December 2017

Governance and Financing Strategy letter of intent signed

19 february 2018

Metropolitan Area Eindhoven (MRE) approved the Brainport Smart Mobility proposal

End of 2018

Signing cooperation agreement