Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility is an independent sub-project, but also comes back in the other seven sub-projects. Smart Mobility sees the traveller as the key player in a network of smart mobility systems: a consumer of smart technologies and services which provide optimum accessibility. Our ambition is to realise the smartest road network in Europe, a network which penetrates to the very centres of the cities in the south of the Netherlands. Smart Mobility is an independent project but it is reflected in the other seven sub-projects.

Various projects run under the Smart Mobility sub-project:
• Mobility Lab offers start-ups facilities to test their prototype in practice.
MobilitymoveZ.NL offers market parties facilities to test mobility concepts on a large scale in practice, in which techniques come together around Connected and Automated driving, electric transport and partial concepts.
Molbility Market: supports providers of smart mobility services
Smart Logistics: better and smarter organization of goods flows
Traffic management: optimize the current traffic management system

Proven and proven concepts can then be rolled out more broadly within SmartwayZ.NL.

For more information about the Smart Mobility projects click here.

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Gertjan Koolen

Gertjan Koolen

Programme manager Smart Mobility


September 2016

Plan of attack ready

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