N279 Veghel - Asten

The present N279, the main route between Veghel and Asten, needs to be reconstructed to make it quicker, smarter and safer. This means adding fly-overs to avoid junctions, a bypass near Helmond, and the application of smart technology such as smart mobility.

A future-proof N279 between Veghel and Asten is crucial to the economic power of south-eastern Brabant. The aim of the N279 Veghel-Asten project is to improve the flow of traffic and increase road safety. That will have a positive impact on the living environment along the route. The Province of Noord-Brabant, the municipalities of Meierijstad, Helmond, Laarbeek, Gemert-Bakel, Asten en Deurne, Waterschap Aa en Maas and the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management are working together to turn the N279 into a future-proof, innovative trunk road.

After years of careful preparation, the Provincial Council approved the provincial zoning amendment (PIP) for the N279 on 7 December 2018. This will give the measures proposed for the current road and the start of the Helmond ring road a sound legal basis. Work on the new road is scheduled to start in 2020.

The plan will mean that:

  • Fly-overs will replace same-level insections on the N279;
  • for the time being, the N279 will continue to be a 2x1 lane road. The measures being taken will anticipate the widening of the road to 2x2 lanes without any further major investment;
  • the N279 will be re-routed around the Dierdonk suburb of Helmond;
  • in Veghel, the current roadway will be widened to 2x2 lanes, keeping same-level intersections.

Planning phase: Plan study/Realization

  • Approval of PIP by Provincial Council: 2018
  • Appeals procedure for PIP: 2019
  • Start of work: 2020
  • Completion: 2023

N279 route map

Have a look at the interactive route information map: the draft design associated with the provincial zoning amendment (PIP) for the N279 Veghel-Asten (Dutch only).

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Mark van den Hoven

Mark van den Hoven



12 september 2016

Notitie Reikwijdte and Detailniveau (Memorandum Scope and Level of Detail, NRD) available for inspection

March 2017

The Provincial Executive takes a decision on the elements investigated in the project Environmental Impact Assessment

Halfway 2017

Environmental impact assessment completed

22 may 2018

Adoption of the Provincial Integration Plan (PIP) by the Provincial Executive


Exploration of possible smart mobility measures

December 2018

Adoption Provincial Integration Plan (PIP) by Provincial Counsil (PS)


Start execution


Delivery of the project