A58 Tilburg - Breda

In the A58 Tilburg-Breda project we are looking for the smartest solution to improve accessibility. Exploratory market studies suggest that besides physical capacity increases, smart mobility and mobility behaviour measures could also hold the key to success. The effects of introducing only smart mobility and mobility behaviour measures cannot at present be estimated properly, but it seems they would not be sufficient to resolve the traffic problems. Because of the lengthy planning and decision process, it is important to study the effect of alternatives to smart mobility measures such as increasing the road capacity.

Traffic flows - and thus accessibility - are already a problem in this area, one which will be further exacerbated as the surrounding road layouts are changed as part of InnovA58 (2023). This section of road is therefore eminently suitable for use as an experimental environment in which prototypes and new products can be tested. As far as possible, a solution is being sought whereby the current road profile can be retained but perhaps used more efficiently. The smartest solution will not just be a single measure, but will combine solutions and timelines into a smart package of measures.

Job list

  • Investigate the smartest solutions for the improvement of the accessibility and safety of the Tilburg-Breda route, for both the short and the long term;
  • Find the necessary funding (or co-funding) for these solutions;
  • Try out prototypes and test new projects in an experimental environment.

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Marco van der Meer

Marco van der Meer

Mobility strategist



Invitations for the smartest solutions

September 2017

Decision-making by the SmartwayZ.NL Programme Counsil regaring the follow-up

6 December 2017

A58 Tilburg-Breda on the BO-MIRT agenda

11 december 2017

Note consultation MIRT House of Representatives

Spring 2018

Signing Start decision Exploration A58 Tilburg-Breda

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