A2 Weert - Eindhoven

There are traffic jams on the A2 between Weert and Eindhoven every working day. This inconvenience is not restricted to users of this road, because the surrounding municipalities also suffer. The traffic jams have an impact on the accessibility of the entire south-east corner of the Netherlands, and road users are quick to find short cuts that in turn impact on the liveability and road safety of surrounding towns and villages. So we need to find a structural solution to the traffic jams on this section of the A2.

First step

The first step towards improving the Weert to Eindhoven stretch of the A2 has already been taken. The Slimme Reis! (Travel smart!) campaign which started in August 2018 is a mobility service that rewards commuters in the area between Weert and Eindhoven if they leave their cars at home more often. They can travel by bicycle or public transport, work from home more often, or travel after 7 p.m. The aim of the campaign is to improve the flow of traffic on and around the A2 between Weert and Eindhoven. SmartwayZ.NL's public contribution to the project will continue until the end of March 2021. Click here for further information (Dutch only).

MIRT research

Research carried out as part of the MIRT programme (Multiannual Programme for Infrastructure, Space and Transport) has suggested a number of possible solutions. A 'No regret' package of measures is being realized to improve both the traffic flow and road safety and to reduce the undesirable use of short cuts. The effects of these measures are being monitored continuously, so that decisions about possible supplementary measures can be taken in good time.

'No Regret' package

The 'No Regret' package includes measures that can be implemented in the near future at little cost. Implementing the No Regret package will offer some relief in terms of traffic flow, road safety and short cuts. The effect the No Regret package will have on the traffic flow on the A2 depends on the success of the measures being taken to change the behaviour of motorists (in this case, the Mobility Market).

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Marc Smits

Marc Smits

Project leader


November 2016

Completion of the studies in the problem analysis phase

December 2016

Decision-making by the SmartwayZ.NL Programme Council regarding the follow-up

Beginning of 2017

Start of the solutions phase

May 2017

Decision-making by the programme council regarding the solutions phase