A2 Weert - Eindhoven

Every working day, there are traffic jams between Weert and Eindhoven on the A2 and they are particularly bad in the direction of Eindhoven during the morning rush hour. Besides the daily users, of course, the municipalities and provinces located in the south of the Netherlands also suffer the negative consequences of tailbacks. Moreover, motorists have a tendency to take short cuts, which is not good for the liveability or traffic safety of the villages concerned.

Improving the accessibility of the south of the Netherlands will contribute to liveability, safety, economy and international trade. A significant element of this is finding a solution to the structural congestion between Weert and Eindhoven on the A2. For the regional parties involved, this is reason to urge that measures be taken to improve the flow on this section.

MIRT Study

A Multinannual Programme for Infrastructure, Space and Transport (MIRT) study is being carried out on the traffic situation between Weert and Eindhoven on the A2. This means that the problem has been included in the central government's Multiannual Programme for Infrastructure, Space and Transport.

  • The MIRT Study has a twofold objective:
    To arrive at a problem analysis which is supported by the central government and the region. To this end, decisions must be taken about the urgency of the problems ascertained and about the solutions/problem-solving approaches to be looked at.
  • To look at possible solutions/problem-solving approaches for the jointly supported problems. This objective will at least include a fully-fledged third lane and Smart Mobility/ITS solutions.

No Regret

A No Regret package of measures will be realized. Implementing the No Regret Package slightly eases the problems of traffic flow, traffic safety and traffic. It forms a bridge between the current situation and a future package to be realized in the future.The effects are examined with continuous monitoring.



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Marc Smits

Marc Smits

Project leader


November 2016

Completion of the studies in the problem analysis phase

December 2016

Decision-making by the SmartwayZ.NL Programme Council regarding the follow-up

Beginning of 2017

Start of the solutions phase

May 2017

Decision-making by the programme council regarding the solutions phase