A2 Bypass Eindhoven

The National Market and Capacity Analysis (NMCA) of 2017 shows that after realization of the sub-projects InnovA58, N279 and the A67 a coherent road task arises for the Eindhoven A2 ring in combination with the A58 and A50. The Program Council decided on 27 September 2017 to start up a problem analysis for the A2 motorway.

This kind of mobility tasking is traditionally seen as an infrastructure issue, but can just as easily be considered as a behavioral issue. After all, if the road users leave at a different time then there would be no or less of a problem. SmartwayZ.NL therefore opts for a fundamentally different approach. A design approach in which not the infrastructure, but the people and its behavior are central.

The expected lead time of the research is one and a half years. It is expected that the problem analysis and the global solution directions will be presented to the Program Council and the final report at the end of 2018, plus concrete proposals for follow-up actions in summer 2019. The final product contains (concrete) proposals for the follow-up.

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Stephan Suiker

Stephan Suiker



27 september 2017

Program Council agrees on startup problem analysis

December 2018

Problem analysis and global solution directions ready

Summer 2019

Final report plus concrete proposals ready