Programme council

SmartwayZ.NL needs a programme organisation and management which are adaptive and grow along with the opportunities which arise in the course of time. The sub-projects are managed by their own steering groups, for example, and have their own teams to implement them but they are dependent on one another when it comes to content and phasing in time. The programme council aims at cohesion, progress, ‘learning from each other’ and the target scope. This is how we ensure that SmartwayZ.NL is more than merely the sum of its eight projects.

Christophe van der Maat - Province Noord-Brabant (chairman)

Christophe van der Maat

Ruth Clabbers - Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Ruth Clabbers

Diana Beuting - Rijkswaterstaat

Diana Beuting

Hubert Mackus - Province Limburg

Hubert Mackus

Antoinette Maas - Metropoolregio Eindhoven

Antoinette Maas

Monique List-de Roos - Municipality Eindhoven

Monique List-de Roos

Jan Mengelers - TU Eindhoven

Albert Veenstra - Dinalog

Maurice Geraets - NXP

John Jorritsma - Foundation Brainport


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