The economy is doing well in the Netherlands and especially in the Eindhoven region. Nowhere is growth as strong as in this region. Consumers spend more. This means busy shops, full terraces, but also more cars and more trucks on the road. Good accessibility and traffic flow are essential for the smartest region, for the business climate, the quality of life and international trade. Under the banner of SmartwayZ.NL, governments, market and knowledge parties and other stakeholders work together intensively to improve the traffic flow in the Southern Netherlands and to stimulate innovation in this smart region.

Eight projects

The programme comprises eight related projects in the provinces of North Brabant and Limburg and focuses on the corridor (A58/A67 Breda-Venlo), including the Eindhoven traffic junction, the A2 (Eindhoven – Weert), the N279 (Veghel – Asten) and the area of south-east Brabant. The projects vary from smart mobility solutions to widening motorways and tackling transport hubs.


Read more about the SmartwayZ.NL program and its eight sub-projects in our digital brochure.

Smart Mobility

Our ambition is to use Smart Mobility to realise optimum accessibility and the smartest road network in Europe, with the traveller in the role of key player in a network of mobility systems and consumer of smart solutions and services. Smart Mobility is an independent project but it is reflected in the other seven projects.


SmartwayZ.NL is managed by a programme council comprising administrators from various authorities and knowledge institutes and specialists from the private sector. This council has final responsibility for the implementation of the overall programme and sees to it that SmartwayZ.NL is more than merely the sum of its eight projects. We describe the management and cooperation in the section on governance.

Enterprising and innovative

SmartwayZ.NL is continually looking for concrete solutions, entrepreneurship and innovations being the watchwords here. We use the latest technologies in smart ways and, if necessary, develop our own. We dare to experiment but stay realistic. Solutions must be widely applicable.

Together and open

SmartwayZ.NL shares knowledge proactively and wants to learn from others. We involve end users and let them work with us and contribute to solutions so that the services we realise are precisely what they want for the Netherlands, and particularly the south of the Netherlands, and Europe too.

Flexible and versatile

SmartwayZ.NL looks further than just accessibility by car. Public transport and the bicycle are also included in the programme. They complement and reinforce one another. Maximum flexibility is vital in a world which is rapidly changing as a result of technological developments. And it is vital if we are to create a reliable, future-proof mobility network. For today's trip and tomorrow's world.

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