A long-term and sustainable relationship with travellers is the main focus of SmartwayZ.NL's mobility programme. The aim? To put measures in place that fit in with the wishes, motivation, travel behaviour and the possibilities and impossibilities of everyone who travels around this area. In this way we can increase user acceptance and promote the use of innovative solutions, and we will be helping to make government investments more cost-effective. This can be done, for example, through opinion polls (in the street or online) and real-life testing. In the past, individual road users were often asked to share their opinions about new mobility projects (such as campaigns to avoid travel in the rush hour, or the testing of new services). But in 2017, as part of our effort towards a long-term and sustainable relationship with travellers, we decided to take a different approach.

Measures that correspond with the needs of travellers

In 2017, SmartwayZ.NL and De Verkeersonderneming (a multi-facetted initiative to keep traffic of all kinds moving) devised a new and more structural method for getting in touch with travellers. Together they initiated an online panel of travellers (although the data submitted to SmartwayZ.NL and to De Verkeersonderneming is stored in separate databases). The objective was to establish a long-term relationship so that traffic-related measures could be implemented that were tailored to the needs of the traveller. The focus for SmartwayZ.NL comprises residents, travellers and mobility throughout the south of the Netherlands. Thanks to this panel, regional and municipal authorities andother participating organisations do not need to recruit respondents and testers again and again, and they can all use the information that has already been provided through the panel. It is also possible to make contact with members of the panel (via an online survey, for example, in which possible solutions are put forward for known bottlenecks) in order to gain more insight into the needs and wishes of the traveller.

Travellers who had already shared their opinions on other mobility projects and initiatives (Brabant mobility network, Rush hour avoidance of A2, etc.) form the basis of the online panel. Since the beginning of 2018, SmartwayZ.NL has been actively encouraging travellers to join the panel and contribute towards the development of accessibility options for the south of the Netherlands. This is being done by way of flyers, events and online campaigns.

Role of the panel

The panel supports SmartwayZ.NL's mobility programme in different ways. The respondents take part in surveys into their travel behaviour, bottlenecks, solutions for smarter travel and what would be needed to make them real options. These surveys produce valuable input for the providers of conventional or innovative mobility concepts, for government authorities at all levels, and for knowledge institutions because they provide insight into the questions such as: What should we be concentrating on? What should we putting time and effort into? How can we achieve behavioural change?

Depending on the project and the information needed, we also invite travellers to take part in real-life tests with self-driving cars; they are also invited to take part in in-depth interviews during which we discuss possible solutions. The insights gained in this way can provide practical information for all parties concerned. The ultimate aim is to put the mobility solutions developed through SmartwayZ.NL into practice not only in our own region but also elsewhere. It is only the insights that are shared: the personal details are protected in the secure panel environment.

Would you like to contribute to smart mobility solutions and improve the accessibility of the whole of the south of the Netherlands?
Then click here. Feel free to invite colleagues, friends and family to take part in the surveys as well. All opinions and ideas are more than welcome.

Do you want to know more about the added value the online panel can offer your project, organisation or branch of government? Please send an e-mail to  smartmobility@smartwayz.nl.


Although we make use of your personal information as part of the project, you can be assured that we do so in full compliance with the strict GDPR rules. In addition, panel members can withdraw at any time. Read the privacy statement which sets out how your personal data is processed as part of this project.