Mobility Market helps to scale up and expand a wide range of mobility and travel services in the south of the Netherlands which are customized to suit travellers' needs. The focus is on services that have already proven their worth: they work, and they are demand-driven. As far as possible, we link up with other projects, including the projects overseen by SmartwayZ.NL. In this way we are evolving towards carefree mobility, with maximum choice for the end-user.

A future-proof mobility system

The roads in the south of the Netherlands are becoming ever busier. The improvement programme scheduled for the coming years includes various infrastructural and mobility project with a view to improving the accessibility of the region. Our aim, with the aid of Mobility Market, is to encourage:

  1. Large-scale use of innovative mobility solutions
  2. Structural smart travel behaviour
  3. Clean mobility
  4. Road safety
  5. and stimulate the liveability of our urban areas

As far as possible, we are taking our developmental steps by way of SmartwayZ.NL's projects. In addition, we are working closely with other nearby programmes and projects that also contribute to the accessibility of the south of the Netherlands. In this way we can all build on the lessons learned in other projects.

A2 Weert-Eindhoven project started

The first step towards improving the Weert to Eindhoven stretch of the A2 has already been taken. The Slimme Reis! (Travel smart!) campaign which started in August 2018 is a mobility service that rewards commuters in the area between Weert and Eindhoven if they leave their cars at home more often. They could travel by bicycle or public transport instead, or work from home more often, or travel after 7 p.m. The aim of the campaign is to improve the flow of traffic on and around the A2 between Weert and Eindhoven. SmartwayZ.NL's public contribution to the project will continue until the end of March 2021.

Next step: N279 Veghel-Asten

After the tender for mobility services in the area around the A2 Weert-Eindhoven, we are moving on to the area around the N279 between Veghel and Asten. In the period between 2020 and 2023, the N279 will undergo some major infrastructure work. We are taking this as an opportunity to persuade commuters and other travellers to choose alternative and smarter options. This will be of benefit in terms of accessibility, traffic flow, safety and liveability around the N279 before, during and after the alterations to this road between 2020 and 2023. And in order to be able to facilitate the expansion of proven mobility services that really correspond with the demand and needs of travellers.

Future: contribution to other projects in the south of the Netherlands

Subsequently, we will further expand the offer of workable and demand-driven mobility and travel services in the south of the Netherlands. We will be working closely with neighbouring national and regional projects and programmes that are also contributing to an integrated, reliable and future-proof mobility system in our region. We will be involving both our partners and the end-users even more closely in these developments.

Questions or suggestions?

If you have any questions about tenders, please visit TenderNed (general information available in English). If you have other questions about Mobility Market, please send them by email to Programme Director Floris Bakermans: