The economy in the south of the Netherlands is doing well. That's good news, but economic growth also has an impact on mobility. The pressure on our road system is increasing more and more. To keep our region accessible and attractive, we are today working on tomorrow's mobility. It is our ambition to create the smartest road network in Europe, because the solution will not be found in classic public transport options or in more asphalt.

We are focussing on smart mobility solutions such as connected vehicles, car-sharing systems and efficient use of logistic flows. Smart Mobility is one of SmartwayZ.NL's eight projects and at thesame time it serves as a golden thread through and between the various elements. 


Test, improve and roll-out within four different themes

We support companies who want to test, improve and roll-out smart mobility solutions on a larger scale. Our focus is on Connected and Automated Driving (CAD), Smart Logistics, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and Traffic Management.

Businesses can hook up with various projects

We can be of assistance to businesses in various phases: The Mobility Lab helps start-ups test their prototypes in a practical setting. MobilitymoveZ.NL makes it possible to test more advanced newly developed mobility concepts in a real environment, with real users. Mobility Market provides a platform through which concepts that have already been proven can be scaled up. In addition, logistics companies can take part in the Smart Logistics project.