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Next step in scaling up the offer of demand-oriented mobility services in the Southern Netherlands

It is becoming increasingly congested on the roads in the Southern Netherlands. Various infrastructure and mobility projects are planned in the coming years, which aim to improve accessibility in the area. Many stakeholders, projects and programmes are currently contributing to developments towards an integral, reliable and future-proof mobility system in the Southern Netherlands. Besides physical (infrastructural) measures, the ambition is also to focus as much as possible on smart mobility and mobility services. Therefore it’s essential to scale up the range of mobility services to suit the needs of travellers in the Southern Netherlands. With a strongly growing economy, changes in mobility demand in both urban and rural areas, large employers as possible catalysts, diverse infrastructural efforts, the development of the MaaS ecosystem Eindhoven and the new Vision on Public Transport in the province of North Brabant ‘Vision on shared Mobility’, it is now the perfect time to scale up smart mobility services. However, this also implies that travellers must be offered a sufficient range of proven mobility services to be able to travel differently and smartly.


Next step: contribute to the challenges of the N279 project with mobility services

Having awarded mobility services in the area between the A2 Weert -Eindhoven we are now taking the next step at SmartwayZ.NL to continue developing a demand-oriented supply of mobility services around the N279 between Veghel and Asten. Significant changes are planned to the infrastructure on the N279 in the period 2020-2023. We wish to seize this opportunity as a catalyst to encourage travellers to travel differently and smarter. Therefore, besides the many infrastructural measures, the ambition is also to strengthen the integral offer of proven mobility and alternative travel services. On the one hand to contribute to the accessibility, travel flow, safety and liveability around the N279 before, during and after the infrastructural conversion of the N279 in 2020-2023. On the other hand to contribute to the next step in the growth of the supply of proven mobility and alternative travel services. These services should be optimally aligned with the demand and needs of travellers in the area around the N279 and later also throughout the Southern Netherlands.


About SmartwayZ.NL and Mobility Market

Under the programme SmartwayZ.NL, various authorities, companies and knowledge institutions are working in partnership to improve the Southern Netherlands’ accessibility. The mobility programme, SmartwayZ.NL, consists of eight connected sub-projects in the Southern Netherlands to improve the accessibility and flow, both temporarily (during the construction work) and on a structural basis. The Mobility Market project is contributing to a reinforced offer of proven mobility services and allows travellers to choose from a wide range of alternative travel options allowing them to travel differently or smarter.


Market consultation mobility services N279

On Monday 19 November the Mobility Market project in the SmartwayZ.NL programme organized a market consultation, because we plan to start a tender for the contract to scale up mobility services in the area around the N279 between Veghel and Asten. Our aim is to publish the tender in January 2019 and award the contract by the end of March 2019. The term of the contract will probably be from April 2019 until March 2021.

During the market consultation, market parties enriched our tendering ideas on the possible solutions from their market perspective. Here you can find the market consultations documents in Dutch:

All registrations came from attendees that speak Dutch. Therefore we have decided not to translate the market consultation documents. However if you would like to receive an English translation of the market consultation documents please contact us via  

The report on the outcomes of the market consultation will be published on our website and Tenderned no later than Friday November 30th. The report will also be send to all attendees. You can also submit your suggestions via



Please contact the Mobility Market Programme Director, Floris Bakermans, on

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